We thoroughly enjoyed and are now recovered from a great tour weekend! I love that the weather was beautiful, absolutely beautiful, as it is THEE best way to enjoy being out and about in Three Rivers! And because, this ends up being my gallery space!

Rick and I were opened all three days this year and it provided for more time with people as they came through. We figured we had about 200 or so visitors this past weekend. I was thrilled to see people who made a point to come back to see me and, this year especially, there seemed to be a whole host of new people who were wonderful to meet and I think pleasantly surprised by the tour.

As in the past, the conversations were very engaging with people asking many great questions. The highlight for me was meeting a couple of young artists who came with their parents — I hope that what they have experienced on the tour will help them envision creative lives of their own!

I had a new piece for this show, as well as, a piece in process — which I am still working on. I really enjoyed talking with people who had a visible response to the images and which put us right into conversations regarding feelings and perspectives about our lives that we all have in common.

I also decided to create a small calendar to show what graphic design is, as I usually get an eye-glaze response when I tell people that I am a designer. I am going to adjust this for twenty 11, as it was well received.

So thanks to everyone who came, you totally made my weekend! Many thanks to Elsah, Kerry, Anne and Sharon for all you have done to make this tour possible. And to the other artists on the tour and in this little community — while I may not get out much, you all inspire and encourage me with your creativity!!

A huge thankyou to Eddie, Martin and Mondodari, for all your help with getting this place looking it’s lovely best! And to Tori, Michelle and Clemetine at Aj’s for your soothing bedside manner and the three stitches I needed in my thumb thursday! healing nicely! — and lastly, to Rick for being the most amazing husband, friend and woodworker!

See you on the tour in two years, if not sooner!