For several reasons, it is bittersweet for me when I finish a painting. First one
being that I paint rather slowly, so I really get to be with the images for a while and when I am finished, the energy shifts. But in the meantime, I have gotten used to it being in my heart and head and when the conversation has fallen silent, I begin to let go…like parting from a dear friend. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it isn’t.

This is the first one I have finished that I don’t have a title for. Usually the title shows up first or at the same time as the image…or certainly within the first few days of working on it. And it was that way with this one until half way through. I started to see it drift away, like watching clouds as they come together and make a lizard or a rearing horse and then disappear back into the blue. So while I thought
I had a title, I don’t. For right now, I figure I would just let it be and one will land soon. I am just happy with the final image.