Blogging is new to me and it puts me a little bit out of my comfort zone.
Okay, a lot out of my comfort zone. But I understand that my creative process with painting is about exercising my voice and I am seeing this as an opportunity to do just that.

It all began as a request to all of us local artists and musicians from Elsah Cort, who started the Three Rivers Artist’s Studio Tour. The Tour happens here in town at the end of March every other year. Artists open their studios and sometimes their homes to the public to share new work and theirs lives for one weekend.

My husband, Rick Badgley, who is a furniture maker, has been on the last five.
I have participated in four of the last five. The year I didn’t participate as an artist, I participated as a guest. It was inspiring to me to see the other artists, their creative process and their work. I realized how fortunate it is to be living in a place that had so many gifted people. I also had a new appreciation for just what Elsah had created here for us. Every tour is different as new artists join us, and loved ones leave. But the people who come to visit have been art lovers in the truest sense — they love experiencing and appreciating art!

The next Tour is March 19-20-21,  2010.

Hope to see you here!